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About Velocity Magazine


Velocity (V for short) is all about cycling, the built environment, and the people who both cycle and create the built environment. To be concise: people, property and bikes. It’s a beautiful and informative magazine, published twice a year, which you can buy here. We’re a bit “old school”, so the magazine is just that: a hard copy, tactile, lovingly produced, old-time magazine. None of the magazine’s content is available online.

But V is also a website with completely different content. Well, not that different: it’s still people, property and bikes. And it’s still a little bit irreverent and occasionally tongue-in-cheek – we don’t want to be too earnest; cycling for us is about the fun and the company more than the miles or the speed.

That's true for our sponsor partners too, for whose support we are eternally grateful (you can read a little more about the great people and organisations we work with below).

And we hope it's true for you. Cycling with people from the property industry, we've made a lot of friends. At property events, it's amazing how many people turn out to be cyclists (and how quickly we manage to turn any conversation to cycling!). Property and bikes is a niche, for sure, but it's a fast-growing one and it has a powerful influence.

Let us know your thoughts, favourites, peeves, challenges and ambitions – our details are listed below and we look forward to hearing from you.

David Taylor, editor
Toby Fox, publisher