Womenswear – no sweat!

System of Motion’s range gets plaudits

Womenswear – no sweat!

The search for good gear that works in the office just as well as it does on the bike is a long and often unfruitful one. And you can times that by five if you’re a female of the species.

System of Motion is a new company set up by Prabha Rathinasabapathy, formerly of former developer Argent, that is making waves in the women’s technical clothing line, beginning with a line of classic white shirts. The firm has been garnering favourable press reviews and was today given an honourable mention in the fashion category of Fast Company’s Innovation by Design awards, a weighty endorsement of its 'bike-to-boardroom' range.

So in order to test the gear we got hold of a shirt and gave it to columnist and ing Media managing director Leanne Tritton to try out. (Read to the bottom to access a special discount for Velocity readers.)

Here’s what she said:

Nothing quite makes my heart sink more than the term ‘urban cycle-wear’. So when I was asked to review a shirt for Velocity, I admit that I dragged my heels for a very long time. You see, I pride myself in cycling around London in ‘normal clothes’. When I get off my bike, I don’t want my outfit to scream ‘cyclist’ in the same way I don’t want it to scream ‘driver’ when I get out of the car. I like my outfit to be ‘transport agnostic’.

So, I left the shirt delivered by System of Motion in the box for a number of weeks before I was tempted to open it and try it on. As soon as I did, I regretted my reluctance. My shirt is called ‘Ludwig’ and is made from high-performance Dri-Tech Poplin that dries quickly, looks crisp all day and in advertising ‘parlance’ keeps me fresh - apparently I don’t smell.

That’s all great but most importantly it feels like gorgeous crisp cotton (I hate wearing anything else) and looks fabulous. A relaxed boyfriend style cut that has quickly become one of my favourites (I have many) and I wear it as often when I am not on the bike as when I am on it. I hope they extend their range soon. System of Motion is one of the few brands I have found that understands the ‘style’ part of cycle wear.

By Leanne Tritton, managing director&nbsp;of <a href="http://ing-media.com/" target="_blank">ing&nbsp;Media</a>&nbsp;(pictured below in the System of Motion shirt).
By Leanne Tritton, managing director of ing Media (pictured below in the System of Motion shirt).

For more information on System of Motion, go to  www.systemofmotion.co.ukUntil the end of September 2017, System of Motion is offering Velocity readers an exclusive discount of 10% with their first purchase. Use code VELOCITY at check out.