Hear Tracks of my Tyres – new Velocity podcast!

New podcast offers monthly chat with interesting folk about property, bikes… and music

Hear Tracks of my Tyres – new Velocity podcast!

Today Velocity launched its podcast, Tracks of my Tyres, on Spotify. Velocity founders David Taylor and Toby Fox chat all things cycling, property and music with the people they most admire from the built environment - and beyond.

What makes them tick? How have the ‘tracks of their tyres’ played a part? And have they ever fallen off while clipped in?

In our launch "ep" David and Toby talk with Argent partner and Club Peloton chair Nick Searl about what made King’s Cross a special project to work on, as well as naked running, post-ride banter and, err, punching carcasses… plus Nick’s four tracks with a tale.

New eps dropping last Friday of every month… Listen now on Spotify

Be seeing you!

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