Velocity “in the peloton” with Axon and Conneely

David Taylor and Toby Fox begin Club Peloton on-bike interview series with Vectos’ Mike Axon and Sinead Conneely of Simple Works

Velocity “in the peloton” with Axon and Conneely


What does the settlement of the future look like? How does a city like London become the best cycling city in the world? What's it like to have Covid-19? And how can we get more people, from all sorts of backgrounds, on bikes?

Those questions and more were handled expertly by two guests of Velocity in association with Club Peloton in some innovative interviews-on-turbos sessions, held during lockdown this month.

In the first, Mike Axon of Vectos dazzled viewers with his grasp of the mobility scene, showing his visions of how settlements could be built around the bike and work hubs. He also described how having Covid-19 - he is recently recovered - was "like someone standing on your chest". This can be tricky when one's tootling up Box Hill.

In the second interview, Sinead Conneely of Simple Works took the online throng through the vision of BikeLines London that she and a WhatsApp group of built environment professionals have dreamt up as a solution to safety issues that often prevent newbies from taking to two wheels. Conneely, who is training hard (as ever) to do an "Everesting" session for charity (sponsor her here), also spoke about her own introduction into cycling with London Dynamo, and triathlons - the first of which she completed standing up after her dog chewed her saddle - and an idea to mentor new riders.

Watch short excerpts from the sessions, conducted by Velocity co-founders David Taylor and Toby Fox, here:

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