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Club Peloton is a unique grant-making charity, bringing together business networking, fundraising and riding. Since our original Cycle to MIPIM in 2006, the world of cycling has changed dramatically with many of our riders gaining more connections and business opportunities from cycling together than any other method. We support Velocity as it covers the full breadth of cycling; from the enjoyment and innovations to the risks, all of which make it the sport we all love.

Nick Hanmer, CEO,
Club Peloton





"Cycling is a very popular leisure activity among our staff and our clients, as well as increasingly how people get to and from work. We like to think Knight Frank has been ahead of the curve on this, encouraging our people to cycle, managing some of the UK’s best-designed office cycling facilities across our portfolio and both supporting and taking part in the annual Cycle to MIPIM every year since its inception – we’re really delighted to be able to showcase all this to likeminded clients and partners in such a focused publication."

Michael Lewis, Partner and head of property and asset management,
Knight Frank





Would you like to support a magazine that focuses on cycling and the construction industry? How could Symmetrys resist? The relationships we at Symmetrys have forged within the construction industry through cycling has formed part of the fabric of our growth. From the camaraderie of cycling with other likeminded people in the industry, we have created some amazing relationships that we would never have been able to have created had it not been for cycling.


Supporting Velocity provides Symmetrys with a platform to voice exactly this, and in turn shout about the huge benefits of cycling, not just for your health but also through meeting people in the industry. Velocity enables us to share our voice on the grand scale of topics that cycling and construction offers, be that road safety with the movement of HGV vehicles or to simply share your thoughts on transporting animals in pet baskets (maybe I should share my thoughts on this). Velocity offers an exciting future, not just for Symmetrys, but for all who love cycling and construction. Sit back or get involved with what proves to be an exciting new magazine. Yours, one very excited Chris

Chris Atkins, Managing director,






Be First is supporting Velocity because we believe that increasing the number of journeys made by bike is critical to improving the quality of life in London and other cities. Government is still stuck in the past, announcing billions more for road building, but the development industry is much closer to the needs and aspirations of ordinary people and has the power and self-interest to bring about change. Velocity is a means to share best practice and encourage debate. It also offers an opportunity to make the connection between cycling as a sport and as a means of every day travel, using the former to promote the attitudes and investment which support the latter.

Pat Hayes, Managing director,
Be First





At Wembley Park, Quintain is leading one of Europe's biggest regeneration projects. As part of this development we are investing hugely in cycling infrastructure. The public realm encourages cycling throughout and includes links to three of the London and national cycling routes as well as good provision for cycles in our residential and office buildings. We're doing more than delivering against planning obligations and we have an ambition to incorporate commercial uses that will be great for cyclists: bike shops, cafes with bike facilities. We also recognise that cycling can be a great way to enliven our public spaces and promote a healthy lifestyle and we're bringing back The Tour Series bike races again in May 2018. We want Wembley Park to be known as a cycle-friendly development, so when we found out about Velocity, a magazine looking at how cycling influences property design and development, it was a natural fit for us.

Matt Slade, Director of commercial operations,
Wembley Park





We put health and wellbeing at the heart of creating remarkable spaces and Velocity magazine's ethos of "people, property and bikes" aligns well with our vision.

Ian Farmer, Head of design (construction),
HB Reavis

Our passion has always been to creating amazing spaces and services for those who bike to work. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to get back on their bike and revel in the freedom it offers, the childlike exuberance of riding, transforming the commute into something joyful. Collectively we have a real opportunity to make have a huge positive influence on bikes and the greater active space within the built environment and that's why we support Velocity.

Justin Sires, Head of Europe and co-founder,
Five at Heart (formerly PFL Spaces)

We have so many people who cycle, it is both a great way to stay fit and also meet like-minded people who work in property. Velocity is unique in bringing our community of cyclists together and we want this growing magazine to further strengthen ties among property's cycling network.

Andrew Geldard, Head of communications,
Willmott Dixon Holdings