NLA’s Lucie on Pedelle build-up

Lucie Murray answers V’s questions on the Copenhagen-Berlin ride

NLA’s Lucie on Pedelle build-up

Velocity caught up with the NLA's senior programme curator Lucie Murray, who's taking part in the Copenhagen-Berlin ride, Pedelle, next month.

Velocity: What are you doing and when?


Lucie: I’m cycling from Copenhagen to Berlin in June (13th-17th) with PedElle, a charity cycling challenge with women working across the built environment.

V: How many kms is it?

L: Just under 500km, to be completed in 3 days.


V: Why are you doing it?

L: For two reasons: to raise money for Club Peloton and its charity beneficiaries, the main one being Coram - an excellent charity who look after disadvantaged children; and to cycle with ladies who love their bikes as much as me. I’m keen to play a role in promoting cycling amongst women and so, I encourage more to join us in our cycling adventure either this summer or next.


V: What are you expecting?

L: A tough but beautiful ride through parts of the world I’ve never explored before, and lots of team spirit!


V: What are you general perceptions of cycling?

L: That it’s the best way to explore, as well as get from A to B, and that riding in a team is the best way to bond with people. And of course, it’s just really fun.


V: And as a woman?

V: That it is currently male-dominated. For me, finding female riding friends was a bit of a struggle until I started training with the PedElle crew – I’m all for anything that encourages more ladies to hop on a bike.


L: What do you think could be done to encourage more women to cycle?

V:Initiatives like PedElle are helping a lot, but perhaps we need more female champions speaking up about how great it is. I want more ladies to know it isn’t a boys club thing - we’ve got a lot of work to do to change that perception. Ladies starting out should find an experienced and supportive (female or male) cyclist to ride with initially, worries about speed and safety will diminish and your confidence will only increase with every ride you do.


V: How did you get into cycling?

L: On moving to London a friend gave me her second hand bike to run around on, and another friend encouraged me to be more adventurous and explore on longer rides. It’s thanks to them that I’ve cycled more and more, investing in my own slick road bike two years ago - I never thought I could love a piece of steel so much!


V: What do you love about it?

L: The freedom it provides and the fact you’re using your own legs to power it, so healthy and liberating.


V: What do you hate?

L: How exposed you are to the mercy of traffic – buses and lorries can seem 3 times as big when you’re next to them at a junction.


V: How’s fundraising going?

L: NLA have been incredibly supportive and hosted a charity quiz night to raise money, a whopping £5,700 was our total! Not to mention all of the donations from my family and friends has been overwhelming. All of this support will keep me pedalling to Berlin!


V: Where do people go to sponsor you?


V: Chapeau! Be seeing you...