Mow Cop awaits the 100 Climbs Challenge

The challenge leaves Wales and heads towards the Peak District.

Mow Cop awaits the 100 Climbs Challenge


Today the challengers leave Wales for the Peak District, heading across flatter terrain for much of the afternoon of day 10. Hah - but not for long: here comes Mow Cop to help today's total to 2,496m of struggle.

Not to worry: 12 riders have joined the challengers and conditions have improved. Velocity partner Wembley Park and Realm are today's generous sponsors.

Velocity is covering the 100 Climbs Challenge, in which three incredible cyclists (and friends of V) are cycling Britain's greatest climbs: a 5,300km, 29-day ride for charity. Follow the route, find out how to donate and/or ride with the 100 Climbs Challengers here.