MIPIM cycle snippets – day three

Claire Treanor reports from Italy en route to Cannes

MIPIM cycle snippets – day three

Snippets from Italian Job, Day 3 (yesterday): Carsoli to Pienza, by Claire Treanor of Treanor Consulting:

'Magical first climb, emerging through the mist to clear blue sky.
A break with tradition - an ‘early start’ group - pedalling through some km before the hard-core peloton glides past, moving in harmony. Total respect.

Rolling through the countryside, winding valleys and sweeping descents. A patchwork of olive groves and vineyards, walnut trees and blossom.

Turning a corner to see the vast Lago di Bolsena shimmering in the afternoon sun; weaving around the lake with a rapid descent. Tremendous.

Warm hues of stone and terracotta hilltop villages, cobbled streets and sleepy squares.
Impressive Tuscan castles, cypress trees lining routes and silhouetted along the crests of the hills.

Another day of delicious local cuisine - especially the antipasti and, more pasta.
Oranges - the latest delicacy. Slight embarrassment as (unwittingly) we tuck into a shopping bag belonging to an old boy at our coffee stop, nonchalantly reading his newspaper.

Tierney’s physio tape makes an appearance - strapping up some sore joints.
Everyone sunned and windswept. Some weary, some energised; a true Club Peloton ride.

The Italian job - it’s a privilege to be part of this pioneering ride. A challenging route but exhilarating with breathtaking views. A super supportive group of riders, friendly souls, idle banter. And of course the thoughtful Club Peloton crew for whom nothing is ever too much.

Thank you.

Claire Treanor

Pics by Matt Alexander and Joozle Dymond