L&G’s Bill Hughes in Velocity #3

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L&G’s Bill Hughes in Velocity #3

Head of real assets at institutional asset manager Legal and General (L&G), Bill Hughes features in the latest issue of Velocity magazine, published this week.

Speaking about what cycling has brought to L&G, particularly since the company became Club Peloton's main sponsor four years ago, Hughes said: "I think the number of people that have got into the cycling thing has, in aggregate, produced some fitter, happier people. There are a number who have gone from visibly very unfit to in much, much better shape. I think that just changes the vibe of the whole office."

And on changing the office environment and how to encourage cycling: "I walk around our part of the office in Lycra from time to time, which sets the standards for others. If I do it, then everyone else is entitled to too."

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