First Velocity cafe review: MyCloud

Knight Frank’s Mike Thornton reViews MyCloud Coffee, Ascot

First Velocity cafe review: MyCloud


For many cyclists, it's all about cake - how much, how good, where and, most importantly, when. The beginning, end and often middle of a ride will be linked to a place to fuel or refuel. And the quality of that place is a defining aspect of the quality of a ride. At Velocity, we often create routes based on recommended cafes and cake stops. So we decided it would be helpful to share some of those recommendations with V readers and invite you to help us with reviews, interviews and ratings.


We start with Knight Frank asset management partner Mike Thornton reviewing his favourite cafe, MyCloud Coffee in Ascot. First, Mike and Velocity publisher Toby Fox visited MyCloud and interviewed the owners:

Second, we worked out some aspects of the cafe which we could measure, so we can compare it with others:

How many type of cake on display? 8
Anything gluten-free? yes
Cycling energy bars/gels? no

How many fruit varieties on display? 2
Beer or wine? both

Is there secure bike parking? no

How welcome are you made to feel? very
Do the staff ride bikes to work? no
Do the staff ride bikes for leisure? yes

How many seats? about 20
Is it warm? yes

What is the nearest cycling hot spot? 1 mile to Windsor Great Park

In what way is it quirky / characterful? twin brothers taking a scientific approach to making fine coffee in the building they grew up in

What else should we measure before we give MyCloud Coffee a rating? And what weighting should each metric be given? Let us know hereV readers - and perhaps you'd like to nominate a cafe for review? Perhaps you'd like to be the reviewer...?