Club Peloton announces new MIPIM routes

New routes and requirements launched at Club Peloton event

Club Peloton announces new MIPIM routes

Club Peloton has announced four routes for the March 2020 Cycle to MIPIM, with a slight increase in prices and registration opening this Friday (27 September) on a first come, first served basis. The announcements were made last night (24 September) at a launch event at the Foundling Museum in London.

The routes are:

  • London-Calais-Cannes, six days, 1,500km, relay format (minimum of two 50-60km stages a day), open to 90 cyclists: £2,199
  • Valencia-Girona-Cannes, 6.5 days, 1,250km, 8,000m climbing, ride it all, open to 25 cyclists: £2,499 (fly out on 4 March, start riding after lunch same day, no lead car or outriders for first 2.5 days)
  • Girona-Cannes, four days, 715km, 5,500m climbing, ride it all, open to 30 cyclists: £1,949 (fly out 6 March, afternoon warm-up ride, join Valencia group, full support)
  • Rome-Cannes, four days, 835km, 10,400m climbing, ride it all (178-272km a day), open to 25 cyclists: £1,849 (fly out 6 March, ride 7 March, light support)

Riders on all routes are required to raise an additional £3,000 for Coram and Club Peloton’s other charities. All routes end at Cannes on 10 March.

Club Peloton chief executive Nick Hanmer described the new routes from Spain as being for those craving “something shorter or warmer” or “looking for a bit more luxury”. The Italian route is clearly designed for advanced riders.

“You ride all of the distance – that’s the key difference between riding from London or riding from Spain,” Hanmer said. “You’ll enjoy your coffee from the hustle and bustle of local cafes en route and lunches while sat on padded seats in a restaurant. It is a very different vibe.”

There was no news regarding a headline sponsor to replace Legal and General, but Hanmer told Velocity that discussions were ongoing.

Explaining the ride costs, which included an increase of about 10% on the traditional route, via Folkestone, Hanmer referred to Brexit: "We’ve done our best over the last few years to absorb the rising costs of a certain situation, that has been dragging on, that we’re all really tired of. We’ve absorbed a lot of the fluctuations in the pound over that time, but the time has come that we’ve got to put up our prices.

"We will still deliver the comprehensive level of support, on the road and off the road, that you expect, and as with every year we will add more to that."

Referring to the property industry’s gender imbalance, Hanmer said: "We got up to 25% women on this ride last year and we’ve said to people 'if you are bringing multiple people from your business, let’s make it 50/50 male and female'. The only way we can change things is by being seen to do things differently."

Hanmer outlined the new registration process: "Registration opens this Friday, first-come, first-served. There is no ballot. This is to ensure commitment from the start.

"There has been a heavy drop-out rate in the past and we want people who are committed right from the off, out there banging the drum about what they are doing, and out there on their bikes."