100 Climbs challenge: day one

Dom, Graham and James head off to the first of their 100 climbs

100 Climbs challenge: day one

As the 100 Climb Challengers launch their bid for immortality (or discover their mortality), Velocity prepares to... post some videos. Look, it takes quite a lot of work, OK? Maybe not as much as cycling a 5,300km cycle ride, but still...

Dom, Graham and James will be posting their daily updates here at www.velocitymagazine.co.uk. Find out more about the 100 Climbs Challenge, donate and/or join the riders on one or more of the 29 stages, at the official website here.

Day one: the launch of the 100 Climbs Challenge coincides with the memorial ride for James Coghill of Savills, who died of cancer earlier this year. Organised by Club Peloton, a group of friends and family took on a 65km route in James' memory through the hills of Surrey, including the first three challenges: Leith Hill, Whitedown and Box Hill.

They headed out from Newlands Corner alongside Dom, Graham and James, before the routes split. The Challengers went on to Kent and West Sussex, joined by eight or so riders for another five (official) climbs and 171km.